Plasko Plastik with all of its departments including manufacturing, marketing, finance and quality control is providing significant contributions to the national industry and economy, without compensating on its principles. In this direction, the Company has started its research and development on PVC furniture folio in 2009. Today, with Plasko Deco brand, it offers tens of different models of PVC furniture folio products to local and international furniture manufacturers. These products have mono and many layer types, they are fully compatible with 2D and 3D applications, they are of high quality and they have high UV resistance. 
With Plasko Deco brand and the help of the dealers, Plasko Plastik enables to lower the demand for import products. Similarly, with the help of international distributors, it exports this folio and contributes to the national economy.

Plasko Deco PVC furniture foils provide the benefits stated below.
Visually, patterns of wood reflect naturalism, bright solid color reflects classiness, surface patterns of various emboss reflect your tastes. 
In surface alternatives, high-gloss products reflect glow, soft touch, dull surfaces reflect grace, emboss alternatives that give a feeling of woof reflect natural visual pleasure.
With combinations of visual and surface alternatives that can address all the tastes, our Company enables the customers to reflect their own styles. 


  • All our products are rigid PVC products. 
  • Our products never contain heavy metals or phthalate. 
  • Our product’s resistance to UV is high.
  • PVC does not have a fire carrying property, it doe not care flames.
  • In all of our products, pigments with highest light fastness are used.
  • In all of he products, high ratio of UV absorbers is being used.
  • Unless they do not face direct sunlight, within the first five (5) years following the production, our white and cream-colored products will experience a color change of less than 3.5 AE value. 
  • Our products with UV Coating have higher than 1H non-sketchability value. 
  • HIGH GLOSS – SOLID – SOFT TOUCH – PRINTED-NON PRINTED –MONO - 2D - 3D and in 150 – 700 micron interval, unlimited number of ”EMBOS” and “COLOR” and “DESIGN” alternatives form the production capabilities of the company. When high enough demand is present, special colors and emboss can be manufactured.
  • All of the PLASKO DECO products are being tested at the laboratory that has the lasted technological equipment and that is also within Plasko Plastik. Compared to products of big companies in Europe and Far East, this product has obtained better “Fading - Aging - Resistance - Impact” test score.
  • Plasko pays attention to the ethical value of not marketing a product unless it reaches the top level. The Company sees the manufacturing of best product as a liability to its country and people.
  • Plasko Plastik is a fully integrated facility that has the chance to test every step of the manufacturing process at its in house laboratory.  The Company stands behind the products it produces. 
  • Dear Friends, we sadly observe that even products in waste status also arrive to our country. We do not have the right to waste our resources. Please question, get information, and don’t give money to waste.