Environment Policy

With its respect towards the environment and the people, Plasko Plastik is aware of its responsibilities against the nature. It has an environmental consciousness that never hesitates in doing its part for satisfying the requirements of this consciousness. 

Plasko Plastik accepts the nature and people as one entity. In 2013, for a better life, within its sustainable environmental policy framework, the Company has established a 2,048 kW co-generation facility. By this way, now it can obtain all the electrical energy it needs from this integrated facility on behalf of Republic of Turkey Energy Market Regulatory Authorty – Electricity Production License.

Furthermore, at the integrated co-generation facility, the heat energy released in the waste gas of manufacturing process is recaptured. Plasko engineers were the first to plan such a project in Turkey and the world. Within the framework of this project, the heat energy in the waste gas was not released directly to the atmosphere. Under the leadership of renewable energy and efficient energy use strategies, a major part of the heat energy required by the manufacturing process at the facility, which is approximately 800 kW, has been recovered from this waste gas. Turkish Science and Technology Research Institute supported the project. Although it was a difficult task as it required use of genuine engineering techniques, it was successfully completed.

After the control policy applied by Ministry of Environment And Urbanisation, Plasko Plastik qualified to have Environmental Permit and License ,which makes the company to live  honour to fullfill the responsibilities to the environment and people. 

 Plasko Plastik, with the importance given to human and the nature and with the sensitivity for the environment, will continue to carry its sustainable environmental policies into effect in the future too.

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